Rumours on the internet are suggesting that the Xbox 2 could be with us as early as Hallowe'en.

The claim, made by UK games industry website, says that internet news sources have reported that Microsoft is readying to launch its next generation console in both America and Europe in the fourth quarter this year.

The US launch is expected to come first with a UK/Europe launch only weeks afterwards.

Following a leak from EA last month it has been expected for sometime that the new console would make the shops for Christmas in the US, however doubt as to whether it would make the UK or not have been sketchy.

Other rumours tied with the console is that in a rush to make an end of year release date the unit will ship with a standard DVD player rather than a Blu-Ray or HDD unit. We'll this give Sony the edge when it launches its player in 2006 is anyone's guess at the moment.

We will keep you posted.