Speculation about Halo for the PC intensifies but today news emerged from Gearbox Software that the PC version will have officially supported co-operative multiplayer, a mode neglected in Western-developed first person shooters for some time. It may not ship with the game either in which case it will become a downloadable add-on. Whenever it arrives. It's nice to see Microsoft acting on user demand- or rather staving off the backlash before it starts.

In an Interview on http://www.computerandvideogames.com the rumour mill has started that the Halo sequel would stay on Xbox and that would be it. Hopefully the comment from Gearbox's boss Randy Pitchford that Halo 2 is “all Xbox” will translate once more to “the only console Halo 2 will be on, and then PC and Mac”. The PC version returns home at the end of October with all languages translated- or you can import an American version if you're impatient to only have the English copy, as it will be released in mid September- subject to customs charges of course. Several new screenshots accompany the above interview.