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(Pocket-lint) - Xbox's new mid-level pro controller, the Elite Series 2 Core, is now out after being unveiled a few weeks ago.

This means that if you want a pro controller that can be upgraded over time, but with a lower price of entry, you can order it right now from a range of retailers.

Xbox Xbox Elite Series 2 Core controller button out today, supports RGB lighting photo 2

The launch is bringing it with it a fun new feature, too, one that will also work on full-fat Elite Series 2 controllers. You can now customise the colour of the lighting on the central Xbox button on your Series 2, changing it from its default white look.

This is a nice touch that likely could have been added to the existing Series 2 long ago, but it'll be welcome for anyone who's into customising their controller.


Xbox is using the release as an opportunity to add some new features to its Xbox software more widely in a software update, and you can find the full details on what it's changing in the official blog post right here.


It includes new noise suppression options for party chat, ideal for anyone who plays in a slightly busier environment and doesn't want to distract their friends. There's also a new way to reorganise your game library, and a change to the Xbox App to make starting new parties even easier.

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