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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft is going all-in on Pride Month, with Xbox's release of new controller designs that celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community.

The company teased an early version of the controller last year and gave some to a few LGBTQIA+ players and creators across the world. Now, Xbox is expanding the controller's design. Starting 9 June 2022, Microsoft is promising to offer more controllers through the "Xbox Design Lab". The controller will sport a top case design with 34 different community flags "in a fine, interwoven manner to celebrate the nuance, complexity, intersectionality, and strength of the many LGBTQIA+ communities".


Xbox's webpage details each of the 34 flags on the controller.

Here's what else the site says about the new product:

"You can customize all other parts of the controller with a broad color palette, metallic finishes, rubberized grips, and even add engraving to make your Pride controller unique to you."

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Also for Pride, the Xbox Gear Shop is offering the 2022 Pride collection, and Xbox itself is donating $170,000 to LGBTQIA+ nonprofits. For more about what Microsoft and its Xbox brand are doing for the month of June aka Pride, see the Redmond-based company's blog post here.

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Writing by Maggie Tillman.