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(Pocket-lint) - Halo Infinite has a new development roadmap unveiling a host of new content coming down the pike for a game that has had precious few updates since its launch in late 2021.

The game's first season of content will have lasted for around six months when it ends, and we now know what will come in the next six months, thanks to a blog post from 343 Industries.

For longtime fans of the series, it'll be interesting to see that a long-awaited campaign co-op mode is currently heading for a late-August release date, nearly a year after the campaign itself launched. It's great that it's on the way, but that's a heck of a gap for what has previously been a core mode in Halo games.

It'll also only be online co-op at launch - local split-screen is listed as a TBD release further down the line. Also listed as incoming is a beta for the game's Forge creative mode, something else that fans are desperate to try - it's aiming for September, at this point.

Before that point, though, there will be new multiplayer maps to explore and a battle pass to work your way through, as in the first season. Those will drop when the season begins on 3 May 2022.

It's great to see new content coming to Infinite to complement its excellent singleplayer campaign, but there is a growing swell of community discontent in the playerbase about the pace of delivery - whether this helps with that will become clearer in time.

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