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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft recently revealed it is acquiring Activision Blizzard King for $70 billion, meaning it will own some of the most popular gaming franchises. The acquisition does raise questions, however, like whether PlayStation users will lose access to these franchises - namely, Call of Duty.

Well, Xbox's head has just provided an answer.

In a tweet, CEO of Microsoft Gaming and leader of Xbox Phil Spencer suggested Microsoft intends to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation while noting Sony is important to the gaming industry.

"Had good calls this week with leaders at Sony," Spencer tweeted on 20 January 2022. "I confirmed our intent to honor all existing agreements upon acquisition of Activision Blizzard and our desire to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation. Sony is an important part of our industry, and we value our relationship."

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Millions of gamers around the globe are likely elated to hear they won't have to ditch their console of choice to continue playing Call of Duty. One has to wonder if, by taking this stance, Microsoft is trying to avoid any potential issues with regulators. After all, if it were to make Call of Duty an Xbox-exclusive, it would essentially be limiting consumer choice.

Pocket-lint should note, though, that Spencer seems specific in his language, only admitting Xbox will honor existing deals and at no point mentions future ones or anything longer term. Still, taken at point-blank, it's clear Xbox can read the room and is willing to partner with Sony in order to satisfy everyone right now. 

Spencer has been conducting interviews about the acquisition all week, even going so far as to hint Xbox might revive old Activision Blizzard IP, such as Skylanders. Microsoft has also said it plans to include many of Activision's games with Xbox Game Pass, a subscription service that gives Xbox owners access to well over 300 games to download and play 

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Writing by Maggie Tillman.