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(Pocket-lint) - There's nothing like a good software update to breathe some new life into an operating system, and that's as true of games consoles as any other bit of tech. Xbox has just deployed a nice update for its own system, one that will apply to the Xbox Series X and S as well as the Xbox One.

However, its benefits aren't all coming to every system. For one, the Xbox Series X is the only one getting a new native resolution for its dashboard, outputting at full 4K instead of an upscaled version. This should make for more sharpness and readability if you're playing on a 4K display.

All of the consoles also get a new night mode feature, which lets you set up preferences to start dimming the display and, on Series S and X only, filtering out blue light when you're playing past a certain time each evening.

XboxXbox Series X finally has a 4K dashboard photo 2

This mode includes a new dark theme for the dashboard. It also means you can choose the brightness (or turn off entirely) the Xbox lights in the middle of your controller and on your console, which is a little touch that we appreciate.

Finally, a new Quick Settings button has been added to the Xbox Guide, letting players toggle certain accessibility settings without needing to leave their game to do so. You can read about the update in a little more detail on Xbox's blog post on the subject, to find out more.


Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 22 October 2021.