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(Pocket-lint) - Gamescom 2021 kicked off with a lengthy games showcase from Xbox.

While the digital-only show .doesn't start fully until Wednesday 25 August, Xbox streamed developer deep dives and trailer debuts to get us all in the mood.

Here's how to watch it all again, plus some of our highlights from the event.

How to watch the Gamescom 2021 Xbox Stream on demand

You can rerun the entire event right here, via the video embedded at the top of this page.

In addition, it is vailable on all of Xbox's channels - YouTube, Twitch and Facebook Gaming.

What was announced during the Gamescom 2021 Xbox Stream?

Here are our highlights of the Xbox Stream.

Dying Light 2

Techland concentrated on the parkour elements for its forthcoming open world zombie game sequel. As well as get around the world more easily, we got to see how combar is improved by the extended move base.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Germany, Austria and Switzerland get new maps. Makes sense with Gamescom traditionally held in Cologne. Competitive multiplayer is also coming to the game through air races this fall.

Humble Games

Xbox has signed a deal with Humble Games to bring a stack of its forthcoming games to Xbox Game Pass as soon as each is launched. This includes Archvale, Next Space Rebels, Midnight Fight Express, Dodgeball Academia, Bushiden, Flynn: Son of Crimson, Unpacking, Signalis, Unsighted, and Chinatown Detective Agency.

Into The Pit

Rogue-like FPS Into The Pit is also coming to Xbox Game Pass from day one on 19 October 2021.

Age of Empires IV

We got a proper history lesson as part of the Age of Empires IV update section. No, really. Go games showcase!!!

Cloud Gaming on Xbox consoles

The much-rumoured ability to play Cloud Gaming titles through Xbox One is now confirmed. You can play Xbox Series X games on Xbox One. And as part of normal Game Pass Ultimate membership. Amazing. It's coming this holiday season.

Wasteland 3: Cult of the Holy Detonation

New DLC for Wasteland 3. Will be available 5 October.

Sea of Thieves: Borderlands crossover

The Mayhem ship will be available to all players in Sea of Thieves during a time limited event that runs through to 7 September 2021.

State of Decay 2: Homecoming

A completely new map. new weapons and six new bases will be available in the State of Decay 2: Homecoming DLC, available 1 September.

Stray Blade

Some good old fashioned hack 'n' slash RPG action is coming with Stray Blade next year. Point Blank Games is developing.

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Crusader Kings III

The huge strategy role-player is coming to Xbox Series X/S - on Xbox Game Pass from day one, no less.

Psychonauts 2

A new launch trailer was shown during the stream. The game is out pretty soon though - tomorrow 25 August in fact. We'll be reviewing it shortly on Pocket-lint.

The Gunk

Developed by the team behind Steamworld, The Gunk is an action adventure set on an alien planet covered in, well, gunk.

Forza Horizon 5 Xbox Wireless Controller

To be fair, this is pretty cool. It's transparent too.

Forza Horizon 5

And finally, the biggest news of the day in the form of new gameplay footage of Forza Horizon 5. Eight minutes worth in fact. Among other vehicles, it features the two cover stars of the new game - the Mercedes-AMG ONE and the 2021 Ford Bronco Badlands.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 9 August 2021.