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(Pocket-lint) - Xbox hasn't been holding back when it comes to the gimmicks around its new consoles, the Xbox Series X and Series S - it's cashed in nice and heavily on the Xbox fridge memes, after all, making its own mini fridges to satisfy demand.

Now, riffing on the unique design of the Series S in particular, it's highlighting a new and completely unique Series S tie-in that it's created in partnership with luggage company July. The Series S suitcase is a custom-built bit of high-tech luggage.

The suitcase has firstly been altered pretty obviously to look more like a Series S, with the addition of that big black circle to resemble the console's ventilation fan, but the resemblance is more than surface-level.

Inside the suitcase, there's a padded storage area for a Series S and its controller, but on the other half of the luggage is the real kicker - a built-in screen can swivel out and be connected up to make the suitcase effectively a portable gaming station.

It reminds us of the Kickstarter campaign by UPsec Gaming to create a portable system to play Series S on, but it's a touch less compact than that. The suitcase will also be way harder to get your hands on - it's being given away in a sweepstake for Australian and New Zealand-based gamers.

If that applies to you, be sure to enter - otherwise you'll have to join us in just observing from a distance while attempting to contain any jealousy.

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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 28 July 2021.