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(Pocket-lint) - It may have taken nearly a year, but Microsoft Flight Simulator has flown the nest and left its PC origins behind, releasing on both Xbox Series X and Series S via Xbox Game Pass.

The game will be almost completely familiar if you've played it on PC over the last year, but there are some careful touches to make it more welcoming to a console audience.

It goes live on July 27 at 4PM BST, 8AM PDT or 11AM EDT, in case you want to set yourself an alarm.

That includes a more in-depth and straightforward training system that should be a little easier to pick up and learn, and the arrival of a roster of "Discovery Flights" which take you over scenic routes to give you a taste of the best vistas Flight Simulator has to offer.

Moreover, the game has managed to bring its famed visual splendour to console, no mean feat in itself. On Xbox Series X you'll get a 30FPS experience in native 4K, something that looks truly stunning on a big TV.

On Series S you'll be at 1080p, but still enjoy 30FPS smoothness, while both use asset streaming to use your web connection to get details straight from the cloud.

It's a technical marvel, just like it was on PC at launch, and the fact that it's hit Game Pass straight away means you really owe it to yourself to check it out. On both consoles it's a download that hits just under the 100GB mark, though, so do clear some space if you need to!

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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 27 July 2021.