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(Pocket-lint) - The Xbox Series X is already an impressive games console that is able to deliver 4K visuals with impressive frame rates, but Microsoft is constantly trying to improve. 

These improvements include the release of Xbox FPS Boost - a technology that can double the frame rate of exist Xbox One games on the newer generation consoles. 

Now hints on the company's careers website suggest that Microsoft is planning on working on using artificial intelligence to upscale graphics on the Xbox Series X in the future. 

One of the roles (for Senior Software Engineer) has some interesting language that may hint at future plans. One of that roles' responsibilities will include work to "implement software that incorporates machine learning algorithms for graphics in shipping hardware". This, along with other hints, suggests that the company is looking for ways to improve upon traditional rendering techniques. 


AI-based graphics upscaling is nothing new of course, Nvidia has been doing it for a while with Deep Learning Super Sampling and AMD also now has FidelityFX Super Resolution as an open alternative. These technologies use algorithms to upscale and enhance graphics while the original visuals are rendered at a lower pixel count. Where a 1080p source, for example, is upscaled to 4K by artificial intelligence the game is able to run at a higher frame rate. 

This logic allows gamers to get the best of both worlds with a few minor compromises in terms of visual quality. Traditionally this sort of tech has been limited to PC, but it's clear that Microsoft is serious about bringing similar logic to its flagship console as well. The future of console gaming should be interesting. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.