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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft appears to be rolling out Xbox Series X server blades for its cloud gaming platform, with some players indicating certain games have received a significant performance boost.

Upon launch, the cloud gaming service was powered by Xbox One S consoles in server blades, though Microsoft's head of cloud gaming, Kareem Choudhry, recently confirmed the desire to shift to Series X hardware. That shift now appears to be underway.

No official announcement has been by the company just yet, though users on the video game forum ResetEra have begun a continually updating list of games that appear to have received the boost.

At the time of writing, the number of titles is around the 40-45 mark, and include Rainbow Six SiegeElder Scrolls OnlineDirt 5 and Gears 5.

According to The Verge, some of these xCloud games are also showing upgraded graphics option in settings menus that would only otherwise be accessible through a Series X console, as well as loading much faster than previously.

Since Xbox Cloud Gaming on Windows 10 PCs and Apple devices through a web browser is still currently only accessible as an invite-only beta, which launched back in April, this new development is likely a soft run before a wider rollout.

As ever, then, the hope is that the cloud gaming capabilities will expand beyond Android mobile devices sooner rather than later - for those who have the Game Pass Ultimate subscription, at least - and also be integrated into the Xbox console experience later this year.

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Writing by Conor Allison.