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(Pocket-lint) - Xbox Remote Play has arrived on iOS at last, meaning you can play any of your Xbox One games on an iPhone or iPad.

Previously called Console Streaming when in beta, the service was Android-only, but a new Xbox app has arrived for both platforms that introduces the feature across the board.

As you are streaming locally from your own Xbox, it doesn't fall foul of Apple's rules. Plus, you can play any game you have installed, not just those available through Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

We found it a bit of a faff to set up, to be honest, having had to switch on and off our main Xbox One X several times to get them to connect. And are still unable to use the app with a second Xbox One S we have elsewhere in the building. However, once connected you can browse the menu and start games, just as you would on your TV. There is very little lag.

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As well as Remote Play, the new Xbox app (which is now available in the App Store and on Google Play) can help you set up a new console - ideal for the Xbox Series X and Series S next-gen machines arriving in a month's time.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 20 October 2020.