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(Pocket-lint) - Xbox's strategy regarding expandable storage for its next-generation consoles has so far seemed pretty straightforward. At launch, there'll be one official product in the SSD category that'll work in the little slot on the back of each console - a 1TB drive from Seagate.

It's simple, but also has one clear downside, which is that the drive Seagate's selling is necessarily pricy, nearly doubling the cost of the Xbox Series S just to get more storage. However, an interesting development has seen Microsoft confirm that this drive is far from the only one that'll eventually be available.

Speaking on the Major Nelson Podcast, hosted by Xbox gaming don Phil Spencer and very much endorsed as official, Jason Ronald, also from Xbox, gave an interesting admission that the Seagate drive available to pre-order now will not be the only option supplied.


He said that the drive represented how the team felt they needed a "simple, easy-to-use option available day one", but that this didn't mean more options wouldn't be coming down the pike. In fact, he confirmed that multiple storage size options are part of that plan.

That's good news for anyone who felt that 1TB wasn't quite the sioze they were in need of - including anyone who wanted a smaller, 500GB update, or a bigger chunk of storage like 2TB. Of course you'd also expect the prices of each to adjust accordingly, making for a more affordable option with less storage at some point. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.
  • Via: Xbox Series X expandable SSD cards will go above (and below) 1TB Read more: https://www.tweaktown.com/news/75548/xbox-series-expandable-ssd-cards-will-go-above-and-below-1tb/index.html - tweaktown.com
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