(Pocket-lint) - If you were hoping to store 1TB of games on the Xbox Series X's internal SSD, think again. In fact, you won't even be able to use the full storage capacity of the Seagate Storage Expansion Card.

IGN has discovered that both will have a certain amount reserved for system software and other shenanigans. That might be obvious for the former - after all, any gadget with internal storage needs a certain amount set aside for its operating system and the like - but we didn't expect the expansion to also come with preinstalled firmware.

The site claims that the internal SSD will offer 802GB of storage to the user - roughly 80 per cent, with the other 20 per cent hosting the user experience, OS and system files. The Seagate Expansion Card offers 920GB to the user.

If you are a glass half full kind-of person, as are we, that means the Seagate card is no dumb add-on - it'll have enough tech and system files of its own to work far better than a USB equivalent (even if the USB drive is also SSD).


Our only real gripe is Xbox's messaging on this. After all, PlayStation has always said the PS5 comes with 825GB of SSD storage. We presume that's a 1TB with 175GB used up with system gubbins.

Also, if almost 200GB of the Xbox Series X SSD is required for the system software, where does that leave the Xbox Series S and its 512GB SSD? Does it mean you'll only get 312GB to play with?

If that's the case, COD: Warzone players will need to put a bit of extra cash aside for extended storage for sure.


We'll invesitate this further and let you know when we find out more.

Writing by Rik Henderson.
  • Source: Xbox Series X Hands-On: Load Times, Quick Resume, and Compatibility - ign.com
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