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(Pocket-lint) - Dolby and Xbox have announced that the forthcoming Xbox Seres X and Series S next-gen consoles will be the first to add Dolby Vision gaming to their feature list.

Xbox has already embraced Dolby Vision in the past, offering the format on its Xbox One S and One X machines, but only for movie and TV show playback.

The new consoles will be able to play supported games in the enhanced HDR format too, as long as you have a compatible TV or display.

Dolby Vision games will be avaible for the Xbox consoles from 2021. They will also both carry Dolby Atmos support too - much like their current-gen counterparts.

Gaming in Dolby Vision isn't new, some Windows 10 games already offer the HDR format for supporting PCs. However, it's not particularly widespread. Perhaps the Xbox announcement will prompt more compatible PC games too.

The Xbox Series X and Series S will be available from 10 November, priced at £449 ($499) and £249 ($299) respectively.

They will also be available as part of Xbox's All Access payment scheme, whereby you can pay for either console, plus Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for one monthly fee - £28.99 per month for the Xbox Series X, £20.99 for the Series S.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.