(Pocket-lint) - If you didn't think the Xbox Series S was going to debut soon, then you will now. A customer who ordered a new Xbox controller from Microsoft spotted that the included Xbox Game Pass trial code flyer mentions the incoming console. 

More specifically, it mentions compatibility with "Xbox Series X | S" - but there's little doubt what that means and it certainly doesn't mean the Xbox One S. 

There have been continued rumours that a new second Xbox is in the wings, plus some pretty convincing leaks but for some reason, Microsoft has been reluctant to speak out further - possibly because it wants to get people interested in the more expensive 4K-capable Xbox Series X console before spilling the beans on the cheaper one which won't quite have the same feature set and probably won't be 4K-capable.

We're even expecting the Series S to be lower powered than the now-dead Xbox One X, though it'll be a serious upgrade on the One S it'll replace of course. 

We are expecting the Series S to be announced this month though, with around eight to 10 weeks to go before the launch of the Xbox Series X in November. Watch this space. 

Writing by Dan Grabham. Editing by Rik Henderson.