(Pocket-lint) - The Xbox Series X has broken cover and appeared in a real-world setting. It was displayed at the Xperion E-Arena in Saturn, Germany recently and was photographed by an eagle-eyed Xbox fan.

Now, we've seen many press shots of the console before, but these pictures of the console in a real-world context are more telling - it really does look like a mini tower PC.

That comes as no surprise really. The Xbox Series X has been called "monolithic" since being first unveiled in December last year, but now you can get a better idea of how it will look rigidly standing next to your TV.

The model in the cabinet in Germany is unlikely to have been a full working version. Indeed, we doubt it even had any components inside.

It clearly has "prototype - not for sale" on the rear and we've encountered the same thing before, with the Xbox One S and One X - empty shells that are good for pictures and little else.

However, the fact that Xbox is now happily displaying the next-gen machine gives us hope we'll soon find out more about its release date and price. After all, the longer it keeps tight lipped, the more the speculation.

Writing by Rik Henderson.