(Pocket-lint) - The price of the Xbox Series X has reportedly leaked and while it's roughly what we've been saying all along, it still takes your breath away.

Xbox heralds the new machine as the most powerful ever, and it will seemingly come with a price to match.

A retail source allegedly told Alanah Pearce of the Kinda Funny XCast that the Xbox Series X will be priced at $599 in the US.

If current Xbox One X pricing is taken into consideration, that means it will cost around £500 in the UK too.

To be honest, we've guesstimated a similar figure for the last few months - basing our expectations on the tech inside the next-gen machine and the market generally. After all, we're talking about a mini gaming PC, essentially.

Where it leaves the currently unannounced Xbox Series S pricing, we're not sure. Certainly, it would have to be considerably below that sum to justify a cutdown console that's lighter on specs.

Either way, according to some industry insiders, the new Xbox flagship is likely to be pricier than the PlayStation 5, which would put it at a disadvantage from day one.

We don't actually have too long to go know for official pricing confirmation from both camps, surely? When we have them, we'll share them.

Writing by Rik Henderson.