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(Pocket-lint) - Yesterday, we revealed that the Xbox Series X would be available in November. Now it seems we have an actual date: 6 November 2020.

It's still not officially confirmed, but packaging for the leaked Xbox Series X controllers strangely appearing for sale recently states that retailers are not to display or sell the accessories before that date.

As reported by The Verge, an orange sticker on the purported controller boxes gives a clear warning to stores.

The same style of sticker has appeared on official Xbox packaging in the past, so seems convincing enough.

It's still not known though why some of the Xbox Series X controllers are appearing for sale already - several different people have claimed to have bought one though.

We also explained earlier this week, that the "robot white" next-generation controller even carries a mention of the so-far unannounced Xbox Series S on the rear of its packaging.

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Hopefully all will become clearer soon, with Xbox expected to host some form of online presentation this month, August, even though it has had to make the bold step of delaying Halo Infinite - originally set to be a next-gen launch title.

Certainly, it needs some better news to get out there.

Writing by Rik Henderson.