(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft's getting its ducks properly into a row ahead of the Xbox Series X's launch, and the next piece of its hardware-agnostic future is falling into place with the long-awaited full launch of Project xCloud

The streaming service has been in preview mode for absolutely ages now, and impressing most people who've got internet fast enough to adequately try it out. Now, it's going to properly launch - coming to Android smartphones and tablets on 15 September. 

The service will be exclusive to Android at launch, too, as the Xbox team continues to apparently struggle to make its service either compliant or profitable in relation to Apple's stringent App Store regulations. 

It's still unclear exaclty why the iOS and iPadOS versions are hanging back so far, but there's clearly something amiss. Still, if you're of an Android persuasion you won't care a jot in mid-September. 

The service will also, as previously detailed, be included in an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, taking that package's value and somehow making it even more attractive to the consumer. 


On the practical side of thigns, there'll be a short gap between 11 September and the new app's launch when the current preview version will go offline, to let that update get finalised. 

There will apparently be 100 full games on the service when it launches, although that final list isn't yet available to us. We can't wait to dive into the new xCloud when it finally arrives, though. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.