(Pocket-lint) - Xbox has announced that - in lieu of hosting or being part of a physical games festival/conference - it will be kicking off a week of playable demos for Xbox gamers. 

Xbox Summer Game Fest will let you play "more than 60" fresh game demos for titles that won't be released until much later in the year. The company says that - unlike usual demos - these are really early versions of the game, similar to what you might get if you were on the show floor at a big games conference. 

The company announced the news in a blog post, and mentions that there could be between 75-100 different playable demos by the time the full list is put together. 


Playable demos will be available from 21 July until 27 July, and include titles like a new version of Destroy All Humans!, Skatebird, Raji: An Ancient Epic, Haven and Cris Tales among many more. 

With these being super early demos, they're not created after the game has finished (or near finished) development. So these really are early experiences, and might even contain elements that don't make it to the final game. It also means they might not be as fully polished as a final game is. 

Xbox says the game demos will show up in your Xbox Dashboard for a week, so be sure to look out for those on your console for the week beginning 21 July. Once the week is up, most of the demos will cease to exist, so you'll need to keep your eyes peeled. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.