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(Pocket-lint) - In the latest tease for the upcoming console generation, the team behind the Xbox Series X has announced that the console will be able to add HDR to older games played on the console. 

Frame rates will also be able to be improved on some games, say from 60fps to 120fps or 30fps to 60fps. Quick Resume will also be supported on older titles, so you can quickly switch between multiple games - and resume where you left off. 

But it's the HDR announcement that's most surprising here. "As this technique is handled by the platform itself," explains Jason Ronald, head of program management for the Xbox team, "it allows us to enable HDR with zero impact to the game’s performance and we can also apply it to Xbox 360 and original Xbox titles developed almost 20 years ago, well before the existence of HDR."

Original Xbox and Xbox 360 games? Yes you read that right and you might need to read it again because we certainly did. We'd say the jury is very much out on how effective the HDR reconstruction can be for such ancient titles.

And, of course, there's also the issue of whether you'd even want that - our Pocket-lint on-team games master Rik Henderson says he isn't "a fan of changing the original vision just to tick a technology box".

We know that we'll get more details on games for the Xbox Series X in July, in lieu of E3 and the console will be launched at the end of the year with "holiday 2020" still the slated date. Ronald says "our 15 Xbox Game Studios teams are hard at work creating the biggest and best line up of exclusives in Xbox history." Exciting times. 

If you want to see how Quick Resume works, check out this video: 

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Writing by Dan Grabham. Originally published on 28 May 2020.