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(Pocket-lint) - When Microsoft furthered detailed its Xbox Series X hardware yesterday, it revealed some key facts on its internal and external storage prowess.

There will be 1TB of internal SSD storage, providing superfast read/write speeds for enhanced next-gen games. And, you will get the ability to connect USB 3.2 (and 3.1) external hard drives, as with the Xbox One.

However, the detail that caught our eye most was its expansion slot to add an additional 1TB SSD through a removable option. This, for us, is a masterstroke.

When we first started writing about the next-generation consoles, Series X and PS5 alike, we mulled over the storage size, claiming that 1TB on its own wouldn't cut it with the expected file sizes of dedicated games. Yes, adding an external HDD is a good option for bulk, but you lose the benefits afforded by SSD technology. Plus, it has been revealed that Series X game enhancements (on top of the Xbox One versions) will only run from the SSD.

Therefore, enabling the option to add an extra 1TB SSD through an expansion port on the rear could make a big difference. Yet also allows Xbox to keep the cost down of the console itself.

Our only worry is how much we'll have to pay for the removable drive?

XboxXbox Series X Storage Expansion Is Great Idea But How Much Will It Cost image 2

Exclusively build by Seagate, it is unlikely to be cheap. For example, the same manufacturer's external 1TB SSD for PC and Mac, as sold on Amazon.co.uk, is currently £136.49 - reduced from a whopping £184.99 RRP.

We can't see the Xbox Series X version coming in at much less. And, considering the console is likely to be £450 minimum at launch, that could result in a hefty wedge.

Still, with every advantage set to make a difference in the next-gen battles ahead, this could be a significant one. The ball is now is PlayStation's court for sure.

Writing by Rik Henderson.