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(Pocket-lint) - Since Microsoft unveiled the chunky design of its Xbox Series X console late last year there's been speculation about what its range of ports will be, all of it unfounded since Microsoft has carefully avoided showing off the back of the console so far.

In fact, at CES 2020 chipmaker AMD even went so far as to confuse everyone with what it quickly admitted was a fake render of the console's backside, further muddying the waters. Now, though, it looks a lot like we've been fast-tracked the information, after images of an Xbox Series X appeared on Twitter showing off the rear ports in full.

The images have been corroborated by a few different sources since they were uploaded, confirming that this is a genuine look at the next-generation console. 

It shows us that the Xbox Series X will pack in an Ethernet port, two USB-A ports, an optical audio port, plus a single HDMI port and the power socket. It's not quite clear what the final, thin rectangular port is for, but rumours have it down as a diagnostic port for this pre-release version.

The post's other image shows that the front of the console will have another USB-A port, as you'd expect for easy access to controller charging and connections. 

Perhaps the biggest absence in that list of connections is an HDMI-in port, which indicates that the TV features that Microsoft leant on so heavily when first promoting the Xbox One might be less important to its strategy now. 

Of course, with a good number of months to go until the estimated launch of Holiday 2020, it's entirely possible that this isn't a final selection of ports for the Xbox Series X - we'll have to wait for official confirmation on that front. 

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