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(Pocket-lint) - Project Scarlett, the next-gen console coming from Xbox at the end of 2020, will be completely compatible with all Xbox One accessories, as well as games.

That means you will instantly be able to use your Xbox One controllers, such as the new Xbox One Wireless Elite Controller Series 2, plus headsets and anything else you currently use to game. They will be compatible with Scarlett from day one.

This follows news that all games that are available for Xbox One now and in the future, including backward compatible Xbox 360 and original Xbox titles, will also instantly work on the new machine (also called Xbox Two in certain circles).

"When we stood on stage at E3 a few years ago, we talked about Xbox 360 games coming to Xbox One. A couple of years later, we talked about original Xbox games coming to Xbox One. So when I look at my Xbox One today, it’s probably the most compatible console I ever had," said Xbox boss Phil Spencer in a post-E3 media briefing interview.

"So, when we thought about our design for Project Scarlett we definitely wanted to make sure that we were compatible across all the generations. Not just with the games, but the accessories."

Spencer explained that, if you upgrade to Scarlett, you will instantly be able to access your entire Xbox games library: "Obviously, Xbox Live will continue and you are who you are across the whole ecosystem. For us, it’s really us respecting the purchases that our gamers have made on our platform," he added.

"Some of these games, people bought a decade ago across our digital ecosystem and you’re going to turn on Project Scarlett and the entitlement’s going to be there. You can go download the game and play."

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Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 13 June 2019.