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(Pocket-lint) - Each month, Xbox gamers can download and play a selection of free games as part of an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Xbox Live Gold is more than just free games though. It also gives Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One X, Xbox One S and even original Xbox One owners the chance to play multiplayer games online and discounts on many digital games on the Xbox Store.

Membership in the UK usually costs £17.99 for three-months or £49.99 for a whole year's membership when paid up front. Alternatively, you can choose to pay monthly for £6.99 a month.

In our opinion though, the best way to subscribe is through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. For just £10.99 per month, you get Xbox Live Gold membership, Xbox Game Pass with access to over 300 games to download and play, EA Play, Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, plus Xbox Game Pass for PC with more than 200 Windows 10 titles.


Free Xbox Games with Gold list for May 2022:

Yoku's Island Express

  • Available 1 to 31 May 2022

One part puzzle-platformer, another pinball game, Yoku's Island Express is one of the most innovative and interesting indies to have appeared in the last few years.

The Inner World - The Last Wind Monk

  • Available 16 May to 15 June 2022

This classic-style adventure continues the story of The Inner World with the same quirky cartoon graphics and humour.

Hydro Thunder Hurricane

  • Available 1 to 15 May 2022

Hydro Thunder Hurricane is a fast-paced boat racing game with a few nods to WipEout and other futuristic arcade racers.

Viva Piñata Party Animals

  • Available 16 to 31 May 2022

Unlike the other Viva Piñata games, Party Animals is a mini-game experience based with a TV game show presentation. It's great fun in multi-player, therefore.

Hydro Thunder Hurricane and Viva Piñata Party Animals are Xbox 360 games, available through backward compatibility. They are also available to Xbox 360 owners with Xbox Live Gold.

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Of last month's free games, Hue will still be available for download until 15 May 2022.

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