If you have an Xbox One X or Xbox One S and consider yourself a videophile, like us, then you'll have been wanting this announcement for some time; Xbox is about to add Dolby Vision support to both consoles.

They already support HDR for streaming and 4K Blu-ray playback, but those with TVs capable of supporting Dolby Vision have had their enjoyment slightly curbed through the lack of compatibility.

To date, the Xbox One consoles could only play content in HDR10. Not for much longer, however.

Dolby Vision support will be added in the "coming weeks", claims a post on Xbox Wire. It provides a similar wider colour gamut and greater contrast experience as HDR10 but while standard HDR chooses one profile for the entire movie or show, Dolby Vision adds an additional layer that changes the profile on a scene-by-scene basis, providing more accurate response depending on the amount of light and shade in the scene.

At present there is only mention of the feature coming to Netflix playback. Those with a Premium (Ultra HD) account and TV that supports Dolby Vision will soon benefit from the upgrade.

There is no word yet on whether Xbox will extend support to 4K Blu-rays, as many support Dolby Vision too.