Even though the Xbox One X can still be seen as a high-end, aspirational console, its replacement is on the horizon.

Formerly known as Project Scarlett, the Xbox Series X is being touted as Microsoft's "fastest, most powerful console ever" - echoing similar phrasing used prior to the launch of the One X in 2017.

However, unlike the One X, the Xbox Series X will be a next-generation machine through and through - designed to take gaming forward and directly rival the PlayStation 5.

So, here is everything you need to know on the next-gen Xbox games console.

Xbox Series X development and design

First teased in 2018, Xbox Series X was officially unveiled at The Game Awards on 12 December 2019.

It had previously been called Project Scarlett, when talked about in rumours and by Xbox boss Phil Spencer during E3 2019, but the official, final name is now nailed on. As is the design, which was also revealed in December.

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The monolithic stack, which more resembles a mini-tower PC than a traditional games console, can be stood on its end vertically or placed horizontally - presumably to fit in a TV stand or AV rack.

It is stark and aesthetically more practical than pretty. We expect the grille at the top/right-hand side to be primarily used for heat dissipation, as the rumoured inner hardware will need plenty of cooling during operation. 

A new Xbox Wireless Controller will also be released with the Xbox Series X, which comes with a new Share button in the middle and a similar D-pad disc to the one found on both the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 1 and 2.

What hasn't yet been confirmed is whether there will be a second, cheaper Xbox Series console in 2020, as previously rumoured.

It has often been reported that a second next-generation Xbox is in the works too, codenamed Lockheart - thought to be the natural successor to the Xbox One S.

Xbox Series X specs

While we now know what it looks like, we still don't know the full spec list for the Xbox Series X.

However, during the E3 2019 Xbox media briefing, Microsoft engineers revealed some interesting key details on Project Scarlett's hardware. And, more information has emerged here and there since.

For example, it was confirmed that the new console will utilise the latest chipsets and architecture from AMD - something confirmed during The Game Awards, with the processing unit said to be based on the Zen 2 Ryzen CPU and Radeon RDNA.

This makes sense, as Sony has also confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will sport an eight-core CPU based on AMD's 7nm process. Also, AMD was also the chip partner for Xbox One (check out our Xbox One S review) and Xbox 360.

It will reportedly have 12 teraflops of power, double that of the Xbox One X.

This will allow the machine to achieve up to 8K graphical resolution and run games in up to 120 frames per second. It will also use the internal hardware for real-time ray-tracing, as seen on the high-end Nvidia graphics cards released in the last couple of years.

16 GB of GDDR6 RAM will be on board too, with 13GB set aside for gaming. And it will utilise an SSD (solid state drive) for storage, although we don't yet know the final size.

The spec, claims Microsoft, will enable the new machine to be four-times more powerful than the Xbox One X.

Xbox Series X features

We haven't yet heard much on its feature set, although we do know one thing; Xbox Series X will be fully compatible with all Xbox One accessories, controllers and games.

We're also fairly sure that it will support Xbox Game Pass - Microsoft's game download subscription service - and Project xCloud - the company's cloud gaming platform.

Xbox Series X games

The console will launch with Halo: Infinite, the latest chapter in the Halo series and the first for the next-generation console.

In addition, a sequel to Ninja Theory's superb Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice was announced alongside the Series X. It will be heading to the console next year.

Indeed, a trailer for the game gives us a glimpse at what the new console is capable of, as all the footage was captured entirely in-engine. Stunning stuff, especially when viewed in 4K on YouTube.

Xbox Series X release date

Xbox Series X will be available from "Holiday 2020".

A more precise date is likely to be announced at E3 2020 in June.

Xbox Series X price

The only indication of price is the tag slapped on the Xbox One X when it first launched.

That was around £430, so at least one version of the Xbox Series X will be around that or over for sure. Lockheart might cut back on some of the spec to hit a lower price point.

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