Even though the Xbox One X is far from fulfilling its potential yet, its replacement (or replacements) are in the works.

Project Scarlett, as the Xbox Two plans are allegedly known internally, is likely a couple of years off at least. But here is a stack of rumoured information about Microsoft's prospective follow-up(s) to the Xbox One.

We also chuck in some of our own thoughts based on more than 30 years experience in the games industry and will continually update as and when new rumours and leaks become available.

Xbox Two development

During the Xbox E3 2018 media briefing, head honcho Phil Spencer revealed that the next-generation Xbox consoles are "in development". It was a simple tease at the end of the press conference and he refrained from delving into the subject any further.

Soon after, Thurrott.com claimed to have been tipped off on the name of the project, Scarlett, and that, as suggested by Spencer before, the next wave of machines from Xbox will be a "family of devices".

It comes as no surprise; the Xbox One became a family of devices too, with the original One followed by the One S and Xbox One X.

Two consoles are said to be planned under the Project Scarlett umbrella, with each having its own respective codename. Lockheart will be the cheaper replacement for the Xbox One S, while Anaconda will be the Xbox One X's successor.

One other suggestion is that, as Xbox is known to want to bring its gaming prowess to mobile too, the Scarlett family could include a streaming-only device that taps into a new cloud gaming platform from Microsoft, called Project xCloud.

It is claimed that the consoles could arrive in 2020, with a teaser announcement at E3 2019 in June.

Xbox Two specs

As the console is technically a long way from release or even confirmation, we can only speculate on the internal hardware.

Recent reports have suggested that, thanks to AMD’s component roadmap, it is not unreasonable to surmise what the Xbox Two could have in the way of spec. And when it might appear.

As part of its feasibility study on the PlayStation 5, Eurogamer suggested that, like Sony’s next console, the Xbox Two could come with new AMD architecture. That’s a safe bet considering AMD was also the chip partner for Xbox One (check out our Xbox One S review) and Xbox 360.

And with that in mind, it is easy to conclude that the next generation of consoles will employ the next wave of AMD CPU and GPU chipsets, Xbox Two included.

AMDXbox Two Specs Release Date News And Rumours Everything You Need To Know About Xbox One 2 image 3

According to AMD's own roadmap, that will likely include 7nm+ CPU and GPU architecture which, itself, will be available around 2020.

In short, while the Xbox One X is capable of native 4K at 60fps in certain cases, the Xbox Two will be 4K 60fps as standard. There's no reason to think otherwise.

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Xbox Two features

In terms of its feature set it is hard to see beyond the capabilities of the current Xbox One X.

For sure, it will play games with a far greater level of graphical fidelity and scope, but the main leaps will be enforced by third-parties. Are we likely to see massive technological leaps for Netflix and Amazon Video, for example? We doubt it.

One thing we're sure of is that the next-gen console will have a much larger hard drive: 2TB at least. The graphically intensive Xbox Two games will require a lot of storage space.

It is even suggested that Anaconda will have a solid state drive for faster performance.

We also expect Xbox to continue with backward compatibility, considering it has proved so popular on Xbox One. All the Scarlett machines, therefore, will be compatible with Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One games, as well as any dedicated titles.

Xbox Two release date

As revealed above, thanks to the AMD roadmap and Thurrott.com report, the Xbox Two is suggested to appear in 2020. Considering the Xbox One itself originally came out in 2013 - around four-and-a-half years ago - and the Xbox One X only appeared late last year, Microsoft will be in no rush to replace it and another couple of years sounds about right.

We actually think the Xbox Two is likely to be teased in 2019, announced in 2020 and hit stores that Christmas - maybe even 2021. Don't hold your breath, basically.

Xbox Two price

The only indication of price is the tag slapped on the Xbox One X when it first launched.

That was around £430, so at least one version of the Xbox Two will be around that or over for sure. We might also see a cheaper version if the "family of devices" speculation is right.

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