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(Pocket-lint) - Music streaming service Deezer is going through a bit of an expansion at the moment. After recently gaining Amazon Alexa voice control, the service is now available via an app on the Xbox One S and Xbox One X.

Not only can you access Deezer's 53 million strong music catalogue on your Xbox One console whenever you want, but you can even stream music while playing games. The full suite of Deezer features is available through the Deezer app for Xbox One, including Flow, Deezer's recommendation engine that offers up songs it thinks you'll like based on your listening habits.

The service works in the exact same way as its smartphone app and web browser counterparts, so you get all the latest releases, playlists and My Music section where you can save favourite tracks. 

To get you properly started with the service, Deezer has announced that all Xbox One owners can get 90 days of unlimited access for free, even if you already use the music streaming service elsewhere. Subscribers to Deezer's Premium+, HiFi, Family and Student plans can all access the service. 

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Jorge Rincon, VP of Deezer, North America said: "Just as every game has its own soundtrack, gamers using Deezer for Xbox can get into their own personal Flow or listen to any number of mixes and playlists while they play, creating a much more immersive and personal environment."

"Additionally, gamers that do want to give their eyes a break from the game can still listen to all their favorite tracks using their console as a music system."

With Deezer arriving on the Xbox, it becomes only the second streaming service that lets you play music in the background of your games, with the other being Spotify. Microsoft killed its own Groove Music service last year, but immediately made Spotify available to use through the Xbox One S and One X. 

Writing by Max Langridge. Originally published on 14 March 2018.