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(Pocket-lint) - Xbox will soon add 1440p support to the Xbox One X and, intriguingly, the Xbox One S.

Program manager for the Xbox Platform Partner Group, Kevin Gammill, revealed on Twitter that One X and One S gamers signed up to an early tier of the Insider preview program will receive an update "very soon".

Those with 1440p gaming monitors will be thrilled by the news. The Xbox One X is capable of supersampling images, so 4K games are downsampled cleverly to preserve extra detail when displayed on a Full HD TV.

However, if a display is less than 4K Ultra HD, you currently only get the downsample at 1080p, so a 1440p monitor ends up displaying a lower resolution than it is capable.

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The update should mean they get supersampled images at 1440p instead.

How this will work on an Xbox One S though, we're not sure. One S gaming is locked to a maximum 1080p to begin with, so we're not sure what benefits those with 1440p monitors will get from that particular console.

We await further news with baited breath.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 19 February 2018.