A sick game about the Logan Paul suicide YouTube video has surfaced on the Xbox Store. Any Xbox One owner can download it for free and because it is listed as a PEGI 3 game, that includes young children.

The game itself is horrendous for a number of reasons, not solely because of the subject matter. It's also very poorly implemented and coded.

In it, you play as Logan Paul - who is likely to have something to say about the use of his likeness and name himself - as he travels into Japan's Aokigahara "Suicide Forest". An AI (?) cameraman follows you as you seek dead people to film.


As you explore, quotes from the infamous "suicide forest" video can be heard.

Even if created as satire, it is as sick as the Paul YouTube footage on which it is based and its placement on the Xbox Store as a free download comes as a huge shock.


It does not come up in search results, but can be found front and centre in the Creators Collection on the Store. However, it shouldn't remain there for long.

Microsoft has contacted Pocket-lint to explain that it is in the process of removing the game: "This content violates our Store policies and we’re in the process of removing it. Users can report inappropriate content on the game product page or by sending a report directly to reportapp@microsoft.com," a Microsoft spokesperson told us.

Normally, that would encourage people to download it prior to removal. But really, do yourself a favour and avoid.