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(Pocket-lint) - Limited edition and custom controllers have been hugely successful for all the current games consoles, with multiple colours and designs available from Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo alike.

However, only one of those also allows you to design your own, one-of-a-kind controller to use while playing.

Microsoft launched its Xbox Design Lab in the US first and then UK this summer and we've been busy using the service to order our own specially-designed controller in order to share our thoughts on the finished pad. We also give you a heads up on how to make your own.

We built our controller using the dedicated tools at xboxdesignlab.com and it took four working days to be delivered - inside the three to five working days quoted for shipping. It came in a special box by courier and you get two AA batteries included so can play straight away (after syncing it to your Xbox One).

The controller is the new style model, with 3.5mm jack and longer wireless distance, and it'll work just as well with the Xbox One X when that arrives on 7 November as it does with the existing Xbox One S (and original Xbox One).

We spec'ed ours with rubberised rear grips, which only come in black, but you could choose smoother grips to save money and retain an all-over colour effect. We also particularly like the fact that you can further personalise your controller, with a name or Xbox Gamer Tag - we went with the latter and it makes the end product completely unique (unless you copy our design and Gamer Tag, of course).

We won't lie, it's a fairly pricey process, with our options coming in at considerably more than a standard or other edition controller, but there's nothing like using your own special pad when having a gaming party at home.

We made ours when there was a discount period, so it cost around £80 in total. The options we chose would usually cost almost £88 - a standard black controller will set you back £55, after all - but you can get one from £65 without rubber grips, metallic details and engraving.

Whatever you choose, we don't think you'll be disappointed with the end results. We went for a Liverpool FC themed device, which could also double as an Iron Man controller, if we're being honest, and can't wait to set it free on FIFA 18.

Without further ado, here's how we did it:

How to make your own Xbox One Design Lab controller

Head to the dedicated website for the Xbox Design Lab, sign into your Xbox Live profile and click through to make your own.

1. Choose the body

Pocket-lintXbox One Design Lab screens image 1

There are 19 colours to choose from for the faceplate of your controller. Just click on one of them and you'll see the picture on the left change to match that colour.

You can also choose to see the end result in 2D or as an interactive 3D virtual model.

2. Choose the back

Pocket-lintXbox One Design Lab screens image 2

The same colour options are available for the rear of the controller, which includes the battery compartment cover. You can choose a completely different colour if you like.

3. Choose the bumpers

Pocket-lintXbox One Design Lab screens image 3

Again, the same colours are available for the top bumpers, which will also be visible from the front when you play.

4. Choose the triggers

Pocket-lintXbox One Design Lab screens image 4

You get an additional, priced option for the triggers. You can either opt for the same, normal colours as before or choose to have them metallic for an extra fee - in this case an additional £2.99.

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5. Choose the D-pad

Pocket-lintXbox One Design Lab screens image 5

Like the triggers, you can choose to have the D-pad in a metallic style. In our case in cost an extra £1.99.

6. Choose the thumbsticks

Pocket-lintXbox One Design Lab screens image 6

The choice of colours for the thumbsticks comes from the standard set. Sadly, you cannot choose separate colours for each thumbstick though.

7. Choose the ABYX buttons

Pocket-lintXbox One Design Lab screens image 7

Here you have a set choice of five different styles, in white, grey, black with grey text, black with white text and black with the traditional coloured letters. You should just choose which one is best for your design.

8. Choose the View & Menu buttons

Pocket-lintXbox One Design Lab screens image 8

Again, there are set choices on offer. Just four of them this time.

9. Choose to have your controller engraved

Pocket-lintXbox One Design Lab screens image 9

This is a pricey option (at £7.99 in our case) but worth it we feel - it marks your controller from all the others out there.

We chose our Gamertag, which was selected automatically when we clicked the option, but you can have anything up to 16 characters. The colour chosen for the engraving depends on your chosen body colour - our engraving came out yellow/gold, for example.

10. Check out how it will look

Pocket-lintXbox One Design Lab screens image 10

Before you checkout and pay for your designed controller, we suggest you save it using the button at the top-right of the page, then scroll down. You will be presented with mocked-up "hands-on" images of your new controller and detailing. Clever lighting models are used to make it look as real as possible and you will get a better idea of the finished product.

11. Order, pay and wait for delivery

Pocket-lintXbox One Design Lab screens image 11

If you are truly happy how it looks, head to the checkout and pay with one of the payment methods associated with your Xbox Live account. That can be PayPal, any major credit or debit card, or you can pay with credits stored on your account - including any added through a voucher.

The delivery will take three to five working days depending on where you live. Sorted.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 11 September 2017.