(Pocket-lint) - While the Xbox One X and the One X Project Scorpio Edition may have stolen most of the headlines from Xbox's Gamescom press conference, Microsoft has also shown some love to the Xbox One S, and Minecraft fans will be particularly pleased

That's because Microsoft unveiled a limited edition version of the One S with a new custom-designed Minecraft skin. Available on a 1TB One S console, the new skin resembles the iconic grass and dirt block design that is synonymous with the sandbox game.


The limited edition version comes complete with a download code for the full Minecraft game, along with the Redstone pack, which is a collection of unique skins. The console also comes with a custom-designed Minecraft Creeper wireless controller, complete with green Creeper colour finish and

Minecraft font on the ABXY buttons. The controller is also available to buy separately, along with a Minecraft Pig controller in a new pink Pig colour finish. Both controllers are available to pre-order now, and will launch on 21 September. 

The Minecraft version of the One S also features Minecraft systems sounds, has its very own vertical stand and has a transparent underside with Redstone circuit accents.


The limited edition Xbox One S Minecraft Edition is available to pre-order now for £349.99 from Argos, Sainsbury's and Microsoft's own store and will launch on 3 October. 

Microsoft also announced a special Middle Earth: Shadow of War bundle, that packages a regular white Xbox One S with a download for the full Shadow of War game. When buying the bundle, you also get four Legendary Orc champions, your own war party and the Epic Sword of Dominion. 

Writing by Max Langridge.