The Xbox One S has been around for a year now, coming before Sony refreshed its PS4 line with the slimmer standard and PS4 Pro models. And it has offered HDR gaming from the off, beating both of those to the punch by several months.

However, developers seem to be slower on the uptake as their PlayStation counterparts. There don't seem to be as many high dynamic range-friendly games for Xbox as there are for PS4. Or so you might have thought.

There are actually plenty of HDR games, beyond Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 3, and many more are promised - with patches for existing games already available or coming.

If you have an Xbox One S then, and a compatible TV, there are a fair few titles that make the most of it. Here's our handy guide on the list of HDR games and how to get them to work.

How to switch on HDR on Xbox One S

HDR is actually on by default on the Xbox One S. If you have your TV set up successfully, your games console should detect HDR mode and play them with the increased colour gamut and contrast as expected.

If it isn't, that could be down to a few different things.

First, check that your TV is compliant with HDR10 - the format needed for Xbox One S compatibility. There are several HDR standards, but HDR10 is by far the most common so it's very likely your 4K HDR telly supports it.

Then check the input on your TV you use for Xbox. Most HDR TVs require you - for reasons that baffle us - to switch on the HDR (or Deep Colour, as it is sometimes called) mode for each compatible HDMI port after purchase. This will be found in the settings of your individual set.

Finally, check that the HDR mode is enacted on your console, just in case. Go to Settings > All Settings, choose Display & Sound > Video Output and choose Advanced Video Settings. Check that both the Allow 4K and Allow HDR options are ticked.

Please remember, HDR is only available on Xbox One S - it is not possible to play games in HDR on an older, standard Xbox One.

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The Xbox One S HDR games list (as of 7 June 2017)

You can see all the HDR-compatible games at the bottom of the Xbox Games Store on your console, just scroll down. Alternatively, here is the complete list of games with HDR graphics currently available. Microsoft has promised more to come.

It is also claimed that Pure Chess and Warframe are HDR-compatible, but are not listed on the HDR section of the store. Battlefield 1 and ReCore are soon to be added, according to reports.