(Pocket-lint) - Electronic Arts is handing Xbox One owners free 2TB external hard drives. They are being sent to gamers who signed up to EA Access on the platform when it first started.

US EA Access subscribers have been receiving care packages, which include vouchers to extend their EA Access subscription and a 2TB Game Drive for Xbox by Seagate. The drive itself is worth £84.99 on Amazon.co.uk ($97.40 on Amazon.com). A 4TB version is also available on Amazon.co.uk for £139.99 ($149.99 on Amazon.com).

The gifts are to reward the subscribers who have been with EA Access since its beginning, three-years ago. If you have been with the service since then but haven't had a drive yet, you are advised to check your emails. The care packages are apparently being sent out in phases.

It's currently not know whether the incentive extends outside of the US. We've been with EA Access since the beginning here in the UK, but have yet to receive an email or package. We suspect it doesn't, sadly.

EA Access is a monthly subscription service for Xbox One that provides access to historical Electronic Arts games as part of the monthly fee. It costs £3.99 a month or £19.99 for a full year.

There are more than 40 full games currently available on the platform, including Madden NFL 17, EA Sports NHL 17, Star Wars Battlefront and Mirrors Edge Catalyst. FIFA 17 is to be added soon.

Timed early access to new games is also on offer, including a timed version of Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Writing by Rik Henderson.