(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft has just released another one of its regular updates for the Xbox One consoles, which this time will be beneficial for every single user.

The time it takes to download game updates, app updates, games from the Xbox Store and so on can sometimes be a burden. The latest Xbox One update is set to change that, as users with an internet connection 100Mbps or faster should be able to download content up to 80 per cent faster than before.

Anyone with an internet connection slower than 100Mbps should also get a speed increase, but only by up to 40 per cent, as well as "more consistent performance".

Of course, Microsoft does say actual real world figures will vary based on your home network and at ISP level, and downloads taking place in the background while you're playing a game will also be a bit slower as the Xbox prioritises gameplay.

Other improvements as part of the update include a performance update to the wireless controller, better performance when streaming background music across different apps, and the usual array of stability updates.

The latest Xbox One update is available now, so if you haven't already received a notification, head to the software update section in the settings menu of your Xbox One to install it.

Writing by Max Langridge.