(Pocket-lint) - Turn 10 Studios has confirmed and announced details of the first expansion pack coming to Forza Horizon 3. It’s called Blizzard Mountain and will feature snow and ice for the first time in a Forza racing game.

The 50 new events and challenges will be based on and around a mountainous setting where you can compete in eight new cars to become King of the Mountain.

King of the Mountain will be a new campaign mode and will see you compete in new race types including Hill Climb, Descent and Blizzard. Full details of these race types has yet to be revealed.

There will also be additional Blueprint, Rivals and Bucket List events to complete.

As well as wanting to keep your heart pulsing by competing in races, this is a Forza Horizon game after all, so Turn 10 Studios wants you to have some fun as well. That’s why Blizzard Mountain will also introduce a new extreme sports snow park and a huge frozen lake, so you can make big jumps and long drifts.

There’s seven new cars as part of the pack and a new Barn Find, although you’ll have to wait to get the DLC to find out what it is. The new cars include the 2016 Ford Gymkhana 9 Focus RS RX, which is 10-inches wider than the standard Focus RS, has double the horsepower and will be able to shoot you around the mountain paths with no trouble.

You’re not limited to the new cars though, if you want to use any cars in your current garage you can, as you’ll be given the option of fitting snow tyres.

Blizzard Mountain will arrive on 13 December and is part of the $34.99 Horizon 3 Expansion Pass. Ultimate Edition owners will still need to pay for it, but they’ll get a $10 discount. It’s been confirmed the Blizzard Mountain DLC will be available to buy separately but pricing has yet to be revealed.

Writing by Max Langridge.