(Pocket-lint) - If you search the web, you'll discover several hardware hackers (aka modders) who specialise in turning bulky consoles into portable machines such as laptops, but it's not very often that you're able to buy these custom form-factors.

Modder Edward Zarick, who created the 'Xbook One' laptop, has gone back to his shop with the newer and slimmer Xbox One S and produced what he has dubbed the 'Xbook One S'. It basically has the guts of the Microsoft's latest game console and a 19-inch (720p) screen from Samsung. For some reason, the screen has been downgraded, as the original Xbook One had a 22-inch (1080p) display from Vizio. Bummer.

According to Zarick, he was unable to get his hands on a 1080p screen at that size. There's also no integrated battery, so you'll need a power source nearby in order to use this thing. Still, his Frankenstein includes two loudspeakers pointed at the player and a strong acrylic case. If this interests you, you'll need to have deep pockets, because the 500GB one goes for $1,495.

There's also a 1TB version for $1,545. Shipping is separate, and international shipping will supposedly cost “much more”. You'll also have to pay a $750 non-refundable deposit upfront to cover the cost of parts, as Zarick makes all these by hand and takes up to three weeks on each.

Writing by Elyse Betters.