(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft has reportedly sold out of its limited edition 2TB Xbox One S consoles, with no plans of manufacturing more. If you didn't pre-order or snap one up straight after it was released earlier this month, you'll now have to wait until the 500GB or 1TB models hit the shops.

There is a slim chance you can get a 2TB machine, as pre-orders are still open for the Gears of War 4 limited edition in battle-scarred red. But that doesn't come in the gorgeous white finish and costs £50 more, at £399. You do get the game and a whole bunch of exclusive in-game content, however.

Eurogamer claims that "most retailers" have sold out of the 2TB white Xbox One S, while those still listing it are charging significantly higher than the £349 launch price. Amazon and Game, for instance, both have machines listed at £479 or more.

Microsoft is yet to reveal when the 500GB and 1TB variants will be available, but considering the lack of availability of the launch version, we would expect it to be soon.

And with Sony revealing a PlayStation press event to be held in New York on 7 September, most likely to unveil the PlayStation Neo - a powerhouse of a machine that will trump the Xbox One S on specs - it is likely the Xbox team will want stock in stores beforehand.

Writing by Rik Henderson.