(Pocket-lint) - The Xbox One S has been critically revered since its release on 2 August and that might have prompted you to buy one. But did you know that as well as get the most powerful console and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player currently available, you also adopted a tiny Master Chief?

During a technical teardown of the new machine, iFixit discovered an Easter egg hidden away inside.

Etched into the optical disc drive bracket are the words "Xbox One" and a small, cartoon Master Chief, the incredibly popular lead of the Halo game franchise.

As there's a danger that you could invalidate the warranty by pulling apart the machine, the image is more than likely intended as a little surprise for Microsoft's own technical support team, but you can at least see it in iFixit's pictures above.

Now you don't need to hack away at your own swanky new console to see it for yourself.

During its exploration of inside components, iFixit also found a SATA III hard drive rather than SATA II, although it couldn't determine whether it was using a different interface so that might not have any bearing on performance. It is also a 5400 RPM model rather than 7200 RPM, so technically no quicker in operation.

The site also warns that replacing the drive will definitely render your warranty void. In addition, it isn't easy to hack a new one to work. However, the Xbox One works well with external USB 3.0 HDDs, which can be used to store games and more, so there's really not much call to do so.

Writing by Rik Henderson.