Microsoft is announcing a massive Xbox One sale, but unfortunately for Brits, it's limited to students in the US.

The Redmond-based company recently unveiled a newer, slimmer Xbox One called Xbox One S. It's therefore safe to assume Microsoft is now eager to move all remaining units of the older model. An easy way to do that is through a sale or promotion, and that's exactly what Microsoft has in mind, according to its website. Starting today, US students can get the Xbox One for free.

However, in order to take advantage of the $300 savings, they must buy a Surface Book or Surface Pro 4, which starts at $899. Microsoft will run this compelling promotion across all its retail stores until 14 August. That means university students can not only get a laptop hybrid to help them with all their classwork, but they'll have solid entertainment lined up for their dorms.

"So, basically, a free Xbox One with the purchase of a Surface Pro 4," confirmed Terry Myerson, head of Windows and devices at Microsoft, to The Verge, though he neglected to note that students will essentially be buying old hardware.

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