(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft's Xbox Design Lab launched in the US around this time last year. It allowed Xbox owners to fully customise and create their own Xbox One controller. Now though, Microsoft has launched the Design Lab in the UK. 

The Xbox Design Lab lets gamers change the colours of nearly every part of the controller to get the exact combination wanted, although won't go as far as letting you add your own images or patterns. The new options include changing the colour of the front panel, back panel, shoulder triggers and d-pad.

Microsoft reckons you can get up to 1 billion combinations meaning there should be a unique look for everyone. The platform also gives the option to add metallic triggers and D-pad for £2.99 and £1.99 respectively, or laser engrave text onto the front of the controller. Gamertag marked controller anyone?

The controllers are based on the new Xbox One S controllers, which means the inclusion of Bluetooth for greater range plus a texturised back for greater grip.

Microsoft says the Xbox Design Lab will begin churning out your controller designs to be delivered right to your door later this summer.

You can get designing your own controller now, so there's plenty of time to get it perfect. The Xbox Design Lab controllers will cost £69.99 each with free engraving until 19 June, after this date it will cost £7.99.

Writing by Max Langridge.