As usual, Microsoft hosted its annual media briefing in Los Angeles prior to the start of E3 next week.

It is traditionally the first of the big two companies to host its press conference on the Monday before the show opens, requiring the world's games press to queue for entry early doors. And this year was no exception.

Plenty of massive games titles were shown - some for the first time. But the biggest news undoubtedly came in the form of two new console announcements.

The first was for the Xbox One S, a smaller, leaner version of the console, with 4K HDR video output. The other, which came at the end of the event, was for Project Scorpio. It's a largely unknown quantity at present, but Xbox boss Phil Spencer says it will be the "most powerful games console ever" on its launch at the end of next year.

Here then are the highlights of the Xbox Briefing.

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Microsoft livestreamed its event in a number of ways, on its Twitch channel and on both Xbox One and Xbox 360. You could even watch it in a Microsoft Store in the US.

However, if you missed it, or want to watch it all over again, the one-and-a-half hour extravaganza is available to catch up with on demand, via the embed below.

This was the biggy. A couple of new consoles top and tailed the press event, with the Xbox One S announced right off the bat, while a next-gen machine was teased for a Christmas 2017 release: Project Scorpio.

The Xbox One S is a new version of its existing console, but is 40 per cent smaller and has 4K HDR video output. It will come with support for the 4K version of Netflix on launch and, we're sure, Amazon Video will follow.

HDR gaming is also possible through the new machine, which comes in white. It also has a new, streamlined controller, with better range.

Microsoftxbox e3 2016 highlights what was launched project scorpio xbox one s and much more image 4

The Xbox One S can be spec'ed up to 2TB and the new console is coming soon, priced from just $299 (around £250, we think, on its UK release).

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Microsoft outdid itself with its next console announcement. While details were scarce on what it calls Project Scorpio, it has promised that it will have 4K HDR gaming, not just video, and be the "most powerful console in the world" on its "Holidays 2017" release.

Microsoftxbox e3 2016 highlights what was launched project scorpio xbox one s and much more image 5

Xbox boss Phil Spencer made it clear that the Xbox strategy was to have all games released for Xbox able to be played on Xbox One, Xbox One S and Project Scorpio when it is available. Only graphical fidelity will change. It's like PC gaming, where a game can be played in a number of different resolutions and with different effects switched on and off, thanks to the diversity of the PCs out there.

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A Gears of War 4 Xbox One Elite Controller was also announced, while the Xbox Design Lab will give you the option to order a conventional controller in any colour combination you fancy. There are over 30 million colour combinations you can choose from.

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The show was fast and furious when it came to actual game announcements. Plenty of gameplay footage was played on the big screens, with a couple of nice, minor shocks along the way.

This is a list of the main game highlights. There were also several indie games, through the ID@Xbox scheme, with retro platformer Cuphead still appearing as part of the trailer run-down, even though it's been touted for the last three E3s.

Perhaps the best of the independent games though, was We Happy Few - a sinister first-person adventure that looks divine. We're also keen top see the Xbox One version of Stardew Valley when it arrives.

Here are the others, including the triple-A first and third-party titles coming our way.

  • Battlefield 1
  • Dead Rising 4
  • Final Fantasy 15
  • Forza Horizon 3
  • Gears of War 4
  • Gwent: The Witcher Card Game
  • Halo Wars 2
  • Killer Instinct (new characters)
  • Minecraft: The Friendly Update
  • ReCore
  • Scalebound
  • Sea of Thieves
  • State of Decay 2
  • Tekken 7
  • The Division: Underground Expansion

The Minecraft announcement was interesting. The Xbox One and PC versions will be made cross-compatible with iOS and Android, so players can join each other's worlds on dedicated servers no matter whether they are playing on console, computer or mobile device.

That will arrive as part of "The Friendly Update".

Windows 10 and Xbox One games - first-party at least - will have a buy one, play anyway mentality. If you buy the Xbox One version of Forza Horizon 3, for example, you get the PC version for free. What's more, the latter will be able to be played in 4K HDR if you have a rig powerful enough.

New community features are coming to Xbox Live, including the ability to set up and join clubs, battle competitively in arena matches on some of your favourite games, or find groups more easily.

And there will be the option to play your own music in the background of a game.

Microsoft had a solid E3 press conference, not least thanks to not one but two new console announcements. The latter, for Project Scorpio, came as a big surprise.

Sea of Thieves is shaping up very nicely, we feel, and Forza Horizon 3 looks stunning. We also can't wait to play Scalebound.

On this evidence, Sony might have a stack of cool games and a VR headset coming, but Xbox's console announcements undoubtedly won the day.