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(Pocket-lint) - We've seen plenty of special edition Xbox One consoles in the last couple of years, with a different coloured or designed model coming out with just about every major release, but we can safely say that the customised Iron Man variant is the best.

It is, quite simply, stunning.


Sadly though, it is extremely unlikely that any of us will ever get your hands on one. It has been made in very limited numbers to promote the upcoming Marvel Studios film, Captain America: Civil War, and is seemingly being given away in a competition in France only.

Xbox France posted pictures and a video of the Civil War Xbox One on its Twitter and Facebook pages. It was allegedly designed and made by the fictional Tony Stark, Iron Man himself.

What makes it extra special is the centrepiece - an illuminated ring that apes the arc reactor Stark has implanted in his chest to keep him alive.

The white gamepad also has the arc reactor motif instead of the Xbox button at the top.

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It is a stunning looking bit of kit and we want one, naturally.

Like we say, only Xbox France is giving units away at present. If we find out that Xbox US or UK is likely to follow suit, we'll let you know through an update.

Writing by Rik Henderson.