Microsoft has taken to the stage at Build 2016, revealing some detail about what to expect in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and the future for Xbox One. 

There's a collection of enhancements coming to the Xbox, and while Microsoft spent a fair amount of time talking about the addition of a dev mode to the Xbox One, the mention of Cortana on Xbox was a passing reference. 

Cortana on Xbox One isn't actually new. It was hidden in a preview late in 2015 and discovered by gamers, but it now looks as though Microsoft is ready to bring the feature to the Xbox One. 

Microsoft described Cortana as a "personal gaming assistant", able to help you find new games, challenges and to provide tips and tricks.

Little else was said about Cortana, but it appears to part of the Anniversary Update heading to Windows 10 in the summer.

There was also talk of bringing other features, including background music and a single unified store, although no more was revealed.

Microsoft has promised that more features will be announced at E3 in June.