(Pocket-lint) - As is tradition, your Xbox One will soon get an update that brings a flood of new features to the console and Pocket-lint was walked through the major changes at the Xbox Spring Showcase in San Francisco recently.

One of the highlights is the way backwards compatible Xbox 360 games will be more accessible, but there are plenty of other changes coming too.

That's why we thought we'd put together a handy guide on what you can expect when the March update hits your console.

Xbox One March update release date

Although we're not completely sure when the update will arrive on general release - sometime in March, but not an exact date - we do know that Xbox One Preview members will get the update today, 1 March. In addition, the Xbox app for Windows 10 will be updated for beta members from tomorrow, 2 March.


Xbox One March update: Xbox 360 backwards compatible games on the main store

The headline feature, as we explained above, is something we've asked for since backwards compatibility was introduced last November. You will be able to purchase supported Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One store.

Once you've bought a backwards compatible Xbox 360 game, it will download to your console in exactly the same way an Xbox One game would.

We're not sure of the price of each title at present. We're also yet to find out if Xbox 360 backwards compatible games that are part of the Games with Gold scheme will be shown on the Xbox One dedicated section going forward. At present, you have to go to xbox.com and request the download from there.

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Xbox One March update: Party Chat comes to Twitch broadcasts

You will be able to broadcast Party Chat when using the Twitch application. Other invited users' chat audio can be included in a Twitch broadcast for the first time.

If the user doesn't want to be broadcast, they can still chat in Party Chat, but their voice won't be broadcast to all.


Xbox One March update: Output Party Chat to a headset and speakers at the same time

A new setting will enable users to change how Party Chat audio is heard; in a headset, through speakers or both.


Xbox One March update: Game DVR recordings can be set for different lengths

At present, game recording is set at 30 seconds, but you will be able to change the DVR to record from 15 seconds up to 5 minutes instead.


Xbox One March update: Achievement progress now appears in the Xbox One guide

Achievements are now included in the guide under a new Achievements area.


Xbox One March update: Videos can be played in the Xbox One Activity Feed

You will be able to play an entire video in the Activity Feed rather than leaving to launch it. There is also the ability to "like" the video while it is playing and there are new pause, restart and full-screen playback options.


Xbox One March update: Party Chat expands to 16 people

At present you are restricted to 12 people in a Party Chat at any one time. That is increasing to 16. We were also told it could expand in future - even up to 32 (Rocket League anyone?).


Xbox One March update: Xbox 360 Achievements

Sing Hossana! Xbox 360 Achievements will appear in Xbox One Activity Feeds, old and new.


Xbox One March update: Web links and YouTube videos accessible through Game Hubs

You will be able to click on a web or YouTube link in a Game Hub and be taken immediately to the page via the web browser or the video through the YouTube app.


Xbox One March update: Compare Avatars

Now that Avatars are back, you'll be able to line your Xbox persona up against a friend's, just in case you want to copy their digital spring wear.


Xbox One March update: Reputation ratings

As the vast majority of Xbox One gamers have good reputations, their reputation gauge will not show. Instead, only those listed as "needs work" or "avoid me" will feature a reputation flag on the interface.


Xbox One March update: Windows 10 Gamerscore leaderboard

Some of the latter features above are also coming to the Windows 10 Xbox app, but one thing it gets exclusively this month is a Gamerscore Leaderboard, the same as the one recently appearing on Xbox One.

In addition, it gets an updated Featured section, that will spotlight games, deals, community events and more.

Writing by Rik Henderson.