Microsoft's Xbox One is flying off the shelves while its predecessor, the Xbox 360, is collecting dust at the ripe old age of over a decade.

That's right it's been over an entire decade since Microsoft released the Xbox 360. Feel old yet?

Over the years plenty of custom made Xbox 360 units have appeared thanks to the mod community. From very basic graphics on the side of consoles to complete rebuilds into entirely new shapes. There have even been examples of the console moving into other larger machines, but more on that in the gallery.

Lots of mods were simply made for personal use, so don't expect to lay your hands on these. Some come with forum guides which could let you make your own. Or perhaps get inspiration for a way to mod your newer Xbox One?

If it all seems like too much work, bare in mind one mod in this list was sold for $10,000. It all went to charity letting gamers give something back.