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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft has revealed a new development for its augmented reality HoloLens headset. It has also revealed a price tag for the headset, and it's not cheap at $3,000. But it is due in the first quarter of 2016, so you've got time to start saving.

Microsoft revealed a new game that can be played in any room and takes full advantage of mixed reality to offer battle gaming. 


Project X-Ray is the latest game to show off the new HoloLens system.

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The game offers wearable holograms, like a gauntlet arm worn weapon. So as the arm moves so too does the virtual object.

In the demo the wearer shot virtual holes in a real wall. Then as attack bots broke through the wall he could shoot at enemies and move around to avoid their attacks. This, we were told, varies depending on what room you're in making every game individual for the user playing it.

The robots can recognise the walls and furniture and can use them to move around and make specially planned attacks. Voice controls allow for quick access like for weapon changes. The user said "Vortex Mode" to switch weapons to a device that sucked enemies into the weapon before firing them out.

We'd imagine Project X-Ray will be a launch title with the HoloLens when it goes on sale in early 2016, for $3,000 which is about £2,000.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.